Reinstalling windows 7 without losing any data or files

Apr 28, 2015
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Ok look, Ive been trying to solve my USB driver problem for 3 days already, and none of them are success. So I decided to do a windows reinstall, or refresh maybe? without losing any data or files or even installed program inside my windows, it means this is not formatting. Maybe with reinstalling, I hope it can overwrite my current windows data (which is broken) with a new windows (that Im going to install). I have windows 7 ultimate SP1 and an ISO for windows installation which is not including SP1, is it working? If not, I will download the SP1 iso later.

First, I can only make an installation in boot section because Im not able to get into desktop since all my usb ports are not working and the mouse and keyboard will also not working, so I cant control my desktop.

Second, I want to make sure I wont lose any files during the reinstallation since I dont have any external to make backup of my files or data.

Third, sorry for my bad English.
Nov 27, 2013
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1. Boot Win7 normally.
2. Insert Win7 Install DVD.
3. Double-click Setup.
4. Choose Install now.
5. Choose Upgrade, not Install.

This can take hours and I have no idea if it will help you, but it helped me and didn't tamper with my existing data.
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