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Dec 12, 2019
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Ok I have two PC's. One runs on XP, while the other runs on Windows 7. The Windows 7 main drive became corrupted and wouldn't boot. I decided to do a clean re-install. However I needed to see if there was anyway to save my files. It's a SATA drive. My XP computer has SATA motherboard cable connections, BUT I couldn't power up my SATA drive, from that PC. I managed to hook up a daisy chain, where I hooked up a power cable, from the Windows 7 PC, while plugging the SATA drive into the XP motherboard. Hey, it worked. I was able to see everything on my corrupted SATA main drive. I found a USB pin drive with about 160GB of free space. I methodically cut and copied files, from the daisy changed SATA drive, to the USB pin drive, deleting copied files, from the SATA drive, as they had been copied. I put the SATA drive back in to the Windows 7 PC and reinstalled the OS. I DID NOT format the drive. Everything's up and running nicely. BUT, when I opened copied file folders, on the USB drive, they're EMPTY! When I open copied Word documents, they're either open or appear as a mess of ASCII hexagonal gibberish! What has happened to my "saved" files? Any ides on how I can possibly find and restore them to that SATA Windows 7 main drive?

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