Bios won't recognize Boot disk, but it should

Feb 4, 2016
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Hi - this is a WIN7 White-box business PC. i7 with Asus B85M motherboard. Runs flawlessly, except it's recently picked up an annoying problem. The boot disk won't appear in any of the options for booting in the BiOS. Using BootitNG I can see that the boot disk is "Bootable" and Active. the auxiliary disk also shows up as "bootable" but not active, and BootitNG mentions that it may not boot WinNt properly. When I boot, I get the "booting windows" screen for 4-5 minutes, and then it boots fine. It doesn't matter if it just let it boot, or specifically select the proper boot disk - still takes minutes to come up, and the boot disk doesn't appear as a selection in any bios menus that provide for selecting the boot order. It does show up under SATA Disk Info, and in the Boot Menu (I.e., the menu of "where should I boot from right now"). Still, when I select the correct disk from the Boot menu, it still takes 3-4 minutes to boot.

So how do I get the Bios to let me configure boot to use the correct bootdisk (a recent 2TB WD disk) ?

Thanks VERY Much

Although -now I wonder if it's finding the right disk anyway, and a different problem is causing the 3-4 minute boot?

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