Help with what I can/should delete.....

Nov 10, 2014
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There are obvious programs to delete & then there are these:
  1. IDT Audio
  2. PlayReady PC Runtime x86
I am also using a program called "Revo Uninstaller Pro 3.1.1" to get rid of programs and files that Windows would or could not get rid of! Now I have come to the point in the program in which it scans for "junk files" so that I may delete them. Here are some examples to follow:
  1. C:\Program Files\Online Services\HPMovieStore\Thumbs.db
  2. C:\Program Files (x86)\Realtek\Realtek PCIE Card Reader\Thumbs.db
  3. C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\WLSetup\wltA371.tmp
  4. C:\System.Sav\Util\PININST.TMP
  5. C:\Users\Owner\OneDrive\Movies & TV Programs\Dexter\Seaser1\Thumbs.db
  6. C:\Windows|System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\SoftGrid Client\140066.ENU-90140011-66-409\UsrVol_sftfs_v1.tmp
These are a sampling of some 289 files in total. I definately want to delete all of them if they are indeed needing to be eliminated from my system. However, I am concerned due to the fact that I am not familiar with the reputation of the program that is finding all of these files that, at least according to it's scans, should be deleted.
Please enlighten me as to what I should do. I am not extremely proficient with computers any longer due to Neurological problems that effect my memory for one. The other symptoms need not be discussed. I only mention it at all because I was once very proficient from hardware to software.
Please assist me with this issue if you are able.



Oct 17, 2008
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Hello and welcome to the forums :).

Do you need to clean up these files to free up space on your PC, or is it just to keep a well-tuned system? The reason I ask is that you can never be 100% sure that deleting these files is without consequence - so unless you need the space I'd delete quite conservatively (IMO anyway). The thumbs.db files are just a cache that Windows uses to store image thumbnail data - if you delete it, it may be recreated if you browse that directory again. The .tmp files are generally safe to delete, but I'd normally only delete the ones in the main temp directory (usually C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Temp). Some 3rd party apps may indeed need .tmp files between sessions. That said, it's probably fine to delete all of the suggested ones, but you never know.

Perhaps someone more familiar with Revo Uninstaller Pro can advise as to how safe the suggested files to delete are. I use CCleaner ( instead and have always found the cleanup tool on that to work very well and I've never run into problems, perhaps Revo is the same too.

IDT Audio sounds like it's audio software/drivers for your system, so I'd leave that one intact. You may find that if you delete it, your system will re-download similar drivers automatically to get your audio working again.

I searched for a little more information on here about PlayReady and found this thread: - it looks safe to delete if you're no longer using it.

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