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Elmer BeFuddled

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Jun 12, 2010
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I'm looking for a software that I can use to compose Tutorials etc. to be posted when fully composed on web forums.

At the moment I'm using the "Post Reply" window on here, then I click the "double A" button in the top right corner to switch the editor mode and save it as a simple text document. Now one of my issues in finding a software is I don't even know the name of the type of scripting I'm using!! (HTML??)

Some sites use [ ] to surround commands and a few (well, dA mainly) use < >.

Confused or what?

I can see the day coming when I'm "composing" something and instead of hitting the Preview Post button I hit the Submit Post button instead.

Somebody, somewhere will then be reading a thread, come across my post and think, "What the bloody hell is Elmer going on about**?"!!

** no change there then!

Help appreciated.

Fire cat

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Mar 7, 2010
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On this forum, we use BBCode, so it's [] brackets ;)

Maybe look into WIndows Live Writer, but that's for blogs...

vBulletin then parses this into regular HTML and CSS styling ;)
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