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Dec 15, 2009
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Is there a snipping tool similar to the one in Win7 that would work with WinXP pro?


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Oct 27, 2009
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Is there a snipping tool similar to the one in Win7 that would work with WinXP pro?
There is but I don't think it's free. The one I use is called "SnagIt" by TechSmith. There is a free trial version of it available though.

Just found one...
Microsoft Snipping Tool 2.0

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713 people
Download Microsoft... 2.0
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The Microsoft Snipping Tool is a reviewer's best friend. This is a little application that might go unnoticed, but I am telling you; it is a time-saver. This tool allows you to carry out a simple task: take screenshots of your screen. I know there is a button that reads something like Prt Scr in your keyboard and that it will take a screenshot of your screen and take it to the clipboard.

There is something better than that. When you activate the Snipping Tool, you can select a part of your screen with your mouse and it will be captured. That capture can either go to the clipboard or to a file. You can even select what type of file you want it to be saved to. I have to get screenshots of applications all the time, and pasting a screen capture into a graphics editor and then cropping it, all it takes me about a minute. I can do the same work in less than 2 seconds.

Snipping Tool makes me more productive and that is always good. Microsoft Snipping Tools is a free application that comes with Windows Vista. If you don't have Windows Vista, you can get it if you have XP. The only way this application is distributed other than with Vista is with an Experience Pack for Windows XP, which I am linking here.

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