SOLVED Sleep, Shutdown and other shortcuts made easy

Mar 11, 2014
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Hi, this is my first post and I hope it helps someone.

I found an article written a while ago that pointed at a link to a set of tools from Microsoft which allowed people to be able to put their PC into SLEEP mode from a desktop shortcut.
I myself have been searching for a sleep shortcut for some time now and have come across many a varied answer which didn't work properly or put the machine into hibernate (for me anyway).

I downloaded this small file (1.6mb) from the MS site and within 60secs I had a working sleep shortcut. Also, besides allowing a shortcut for sleep, you can make shortcuts for hibernate, shutdown, restart, or logoff as well.
N.B. even though it states "works for both Vista and XP" I'm running 64bit Win7 and it works perfectly for this too.

Here are the simple instructions -

PsTools is a collection of very useful command line utilities that require no installation to use and does not leave any resident processes in your memory. It works for both Vista and XP.
Create a folder in your "C:\" directory called "PSTools"

Download PsTools from Microsoft's website here: and extract all the files to that folder "C:\PsTools".

To make a shortcut that puts your computer to sleep, right-click on your desktop and select the following -
> New -> Shortcut.
Type the following as the target you want to run (or just Copy & Paste) and then give your shortcut a name -

C:\PsTools\psshutdown.exe -d -t 00

That's all it takes folks! You can now double-click that shortcut and your computer sleeps!

You can create others too.........

For shutdown use:
C:\PsTools\psshutdown.exe -k -t 00

For restart use:
C:\PsTools\psshutdown.exe -r -t 00

For hibernate use:
C:\PsTools\psshutdown.exe -h -t 00

For logoff use:
C:\PsTools\psshutdown.exe -o -t 00

To lock the computer use:
C:\PsTools\psshutdown.exe -l -t 00

If this at least helps one person then I will be happy.

Let me know how you go.

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