Sleep function ruins sound and Aero

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Worn Out Retread

The sleep function will put my Acer Quad Core 9500 to sleep ok and it
appears awakes promptly but when trying to play sounds it is quite garbled
almost like feedback without the squeal and the Aero feature of displaying
open applications using 3d Flip doesn't work. What I get is a display of
cards side by side.

A reboot returns everything to normal and I am experiencing no other
problems with the setup.

Does anyone know what the fix is for this. Searches have revealed nothing.

The theme that I am using is one of My Themes and not an official Aero Theme
if that makes a difference.

My video card is an ATI Radeon 2600 Pro with 512 MB ram (latest drivers)

Onboard sound (Realtek with latest drivers)

I have 8 Gigs of ram

OS: Windows 7 (up-to-date)

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