Setup.exe and Install Wizards...

May 23, 2015
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First of all, I cant tell you how many useful tips I've found here at this website! It's almost like a dream come true for me! (Smiles)

That said, I am having a problem with my 'Setup.exe' - "Launcher exe" and/or so-called 'Installation Wizards' no longer showing up as it should. For instance, I recently got a Sony Walkman NWZ-E384 and the directions says to double click on the 'Setup.exe' in order to open the install wizard. Then follow the on-screen instructions. Next double clicking on the Walkman Guide icon and that will offer me the help guide etc. Of course none of that works because the "Setup.exe" wont appear anymore. And no its not just about going to the Sony website to see what the issue is because this same scenario happens with every new devise I try to install.

Btw- I did have a similar problem with my SD card not showing up as well. Thus nor did the 'Photo Gallery Acquisition Wizard' show up on my Hp Pavilion HPE either. I finally got around this problem by going into the 'Safe Mode' and then sticking in my SD card. Of course my PC wouldn't read my SD card because I was afteral within the 'Safe Mode' part of my PC. But anyway, luckily my PC did offer me a hint to go ahead and search for the 'Photo Gallery Acquisition Wizard' (which I had forgotten about) in regular mode. So now I have the needed icon that runs my SD card.

Anyway, any problem solving tips regarding my MIA 'Setup.exe' and/or where to search for this info. here, is very much appreciated! ♥


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