Security setup....What's yours?


Mar 1, 2012
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What security applications / setup do you use?

I use Windows Firewall. And Windows Firewall Control (WFC) to manage it. How it works is here. - If you donate $10 USD it enables pop-up alerts.

Malware - Malwarebytes Free Version.

About every 2 weeks I run Windows Offline scanner.

Between me and the internet is a PC running SmoothWall Express.

Anti-virus - Windows Defender. It's free and has a small foot print (The amount of space it uses on my hard disk).

When I log in to my computer, I am a Standard user. I never use the Administrator account unless I have some system stuff to do. And NEVER use the internet as Administrator.

Browser - Firefox with addons - No-Script, Ghostery, Ad Block plus, HTTPS-Everywhere, Click&Clean, Tree Style Tabs.

IE- AddBlockPlus.
Also LastPass, but that costs me $12 a year. There are free ones, but I prefer LastPass.

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