restore correct folder name re-location mess

Oct 29, 2014
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My big mess stems from wanting to take a few user folders "My pictures" "Documents" and "downloads" and re-locate them to the D:\ drive rather than have them on C:\ which is ssd.

I had other folders already on my D:\ drive but made a new folder for the "My pictures" "Documents" and "downloads" I wanted to move. I called the folder "Dobby".

This is where things went wrong, I tried to do the right click > properties > locations tab > move and opened that new "Dobby" folder I made in D: and place them there, but rather than "my pictures" being in D:\Dobby, Dobby folder was replaced with a folder named "my pictures" with all my pictures in it,

So I restored default on the relocation, well, I had got confused with all the moving stuff, ( I had tried to move downloads folder also ) while "my pictures" is back in C:\len it doesn't have a locations tab and worse...

when I look at regedit shell folders my pictures is messed up.

My pictures isn't C:\users\len\Pictures which I believe it should be but rather,
Is there a way to just fix that, don't worry yet about relocating it just tell me if I can get C:\users\len\Downloads\Dobby back to C:\users\len\Pictures which I believe it should be.

Many thanks!!!

I included the shot of regedit,


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