Removing system protected fonts.


Dave \Crash\ Dummy

I know this is discussed in two recent threads, but I think this is
worthy of a fresh start, lest it get lost in the traffic.

First, not all the weird character fonts in Windows 7 are system
protected. Log on with administrator privileges, go through your font
selection and try to delete the ones you want to get rid of. Once you
have done that you are ready to use Plan B on the ones that wouldn't delete.

I started out using the method described by Chris H.
but after a little fooling around, I discovered it doesn't have to be
that complicated. No reboots, no Safe Mode. This is what is working for
me (I'm not done, yet).

How to delete system protected fonts.

Right click on font file and select Properties*
Select Security tab
Click Advanced button
Select Owner tab
click EDIT button
Select current user
Click OK button on warning popup
Click OK button on ownership window to return to security tab
Click EDIT button
Give current user Full Control
Click OK button to close the window
Click YES button to close warning popup
Click OK button to close properties
Right click on font file and select Delete.

*If "Properties" is not offered in the context menu, select "Open in new
window." The "Properties" option will be available there.

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