Relocating folders continued..


Ken Springer

Nice behind :)

I'd say that the average laptop computer is more portable than that
Batteries not included, either! LOL
But a heck of a lot less attractive than the train and the surroundings
shown in that clip.
You don't get to see the engine I'm operating in that clip, but it's
painted like Tomas the Tank Engine. Both little kids and their parents
get all wrapped up in it. More than once, I've had the little ones run
around to the front to see if there's a smiley face on the front.

Ironically, it used to be a tank engine, but the RR took the tanks off
years ago. At the beginning of the clip, the photographer was shooting
across two old tanks sitting on a wood pallet. Those are the tanks for
that engine, although they are literally upside down there.


Mac OS X 10.8.3
Firefox 19.0.2
Thunderbird 17.0.5

Gene E. Bloch

Unless you're trying to install two copies of the same piece of
software, what is going to collide with what?
(Thanks for your support.) I don't see the need for the
guaranteed-unique gobbledegook _at all_.
This might help:

It's not an easy read :)

And of course, I agree with Mike Barnes's reply to your post. It is a
nice explanation, and it's not too long, either.

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