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Sep 27, 2010
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I bought an HP Officejet Pro 8500A and it's been nothing but headaches for me. Right now, I've had a yellow cartridge on order for some two weeks that was supposed to be next day and that was to replace another new cartridge that was constantly demanding replacement. I bought it for its duplexing capability, but it's slow and noisy. I'm trying to get my shoestring business going, Polyhedron Games LLC and this printer is giving me fits. Gotta live with it for now, but I'll be looking to replace it soon. What's a duplex printer that's dependable and fast? Quiet is desirable, but I need to spit product out with little hassle.

This is is a publishing concern and I'm not too up on all the ins and outs of this biz. I know the Troll Lords have their own press and bindery, but most companies send their printing out, often to China. I don't envision ever taking on the big boys, this is just a small in-house affair and I've been simply using stapled booklets with color covers on special paper and interiors on bonded white. I'm working on a book scheduled for Spring of 2014 and that can't be in booklet form.

Anyone out there know this stuff that can lay out some recommendations, options and figures?
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Oct 27, 2009
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Mr. Magoo - I see your HP is an A-I-O (All In One) printer with FAX, COPY, etc.

I would highly advise against those in the fact that if one part of it goes out then your out of the use of the other features while it's being repaired or replace. Plus HP printer cartridges are the worst on the market for longevity and price to page ratio. Most issues with HP printers have always been ink cartridge life and driver support.

If you want just a printer only, with very good print quality I would recommend a color laser printer such as the Samsung CLP-620ND. It has duplex printing, very fast at 21 PPM, quiet and well built. It retails for around $400, plus the toner cartridge life is waaaayyyyy longer that inkjet cartridges.

If you want an inkjet printer I would recommend an Epson as their cartridges last longer than just about anybody else. Plus you can get non-OEM cartridges and refillable ones on eBay. I have had Epson printers for 7 years and they're sturdy, tough and do an excellent job.

The Epson Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4020 Inkjet Printer and it has duplex printing and PPM varies with type of printing used. It retails for around $105-110


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Feb 13, 2009
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Brother models.

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