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Discussion in 'alt.windows7.general' started by Bob O'Dyne, Apr 28, 2010.

  1. Bob O'Dyne

    Bob O'Dyne Guest

    Is there a simple, *Win7-compliant* utility that will print to a .jpg
    file? I used to use Snagit under WinXP but the program became so
    bloated with "features" and unwieldy with "options" that I'm loathe to
    install it on my Win7 machine.

    I'm thinking along the lines of a Win7 gadget, perhaps. Is there such
    a thing? I can't seem to find one.
    Bob O'Dyne, Apr 28, 2010
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  2. "Bob O'Dyne" <> kirjoitti
    Is there a simple, *Win7-compliant* utility that will print to a .jpg
    file? I used to use Snagit under WinXP but the program became so
    bloated with "features" and unwieldy with "options" that I'm loathe to
    install it on my Win7 machine.

    I'm thinking along the lines of a Win7 gadget, perhaps. Is there such
    a thing? I can't seem to find one.

    Ann's Little Brother Bob

    Maybe this one that's included in Win7?
    Thomas Wendell, Apr 28, 2010
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  3. Bob O'Dyne

    Trev Guest

    You dont Print to Jpeg you print to paper For that WIN 7 can do from the
    Right click context menu .
    No if you mean convert to Jpeg as in save to jpeg MS paint which is in
    Windows can providing its currently in a format that it can open
    Trev, Apr 28, 2010
  4. Bob O'Dyne

    Al Dykes Guest

    Download Irfanview. It's free and lightweight and a Swiss army knife
    of image manipulation.
    Al Dykes, Apr 28, 2010
  5. What exactly do you want to print? If you are looking for a screen capture
    utility, I strongly recommend FastStone Capture

    I normally use it to capture to clipboard, but it can be used to save to
    file in any number of image formats, including JPG, PNG, BMP, others. It
    is unobtrusive and very versatile.
    Dave \Crash\ Dummy, Apr 28, 2010
  6. Bob O'Dyne

    Zaidy036 Guest

    or the Win 7 Snipping Tool under Accessories
    Zaidy036, Apr 28, 2010
  7. Bob O'Dyne

    Bob O'Dyne Guest

    When I hit control-P in a program like Word, Excel, etc I'm presented
    with a list of printer options: this printer, that printer, the fax,
    and so on. I want one of those options to be an image file. This is
    possible with WinXP and even with Vista: There are programs that
    install a "virtual" printer that sends the output to an image file
    (.jpg, .pdf, .tiff, .bmp etc). I have yet to find one that is certain
    to work with Win7.

    Snagit will but it's just too complex and unwieldy for my needs.

    For what it's worth, I do use Win7's snipping tool for screen captures
    and I like it very much. It's no good however when what I'm trying to
    capture in a document or a page that doesn't all fit on the screen.
    Bob O'Dyne, Apr 28, 2010
  8. Bob O'Dyne

    ray Guest

    Have you considered 'print to PDF' or PS and then a conversion with
    ray, Apr 28, 2010
  9. Bob O'Dyne

    Andrew Guest

    Bullzip has a free pdf printer that I've used before.
    Maybe that will help.
    Andrew, Apr 28, 2010
  10. One of the neat features of FastStone is that it can capture the entire
    contents of a scrolled window.
    Dave \Crash\ Dummy, Apr 28, 2010
  11. You could try PDF Creator:

    It installs a printer driver that can write out a .JPG file.

    It is free software.

    I use it regularly in Windows XP. I find that PDF output is flawless.
    I just did a quick test of .JPG output, and it looked a bit "low rez"
    to me. Perhaps there is a way to ask for more pixels. I did not take
    the time.

    The web page claims Windows 7 compatibility.
    David Arnstein, Apr 28, 2010
  12. Bob O'Dyne

    BobbyM Guest

    Don't know exactly what you're trying to do but have you tried printing to
    the "Microsoft XPS Document Writer"? It saves the file as an .xps document
    which is similar to a pdf file.
    BobbyM, Apr 29, 2010
  13. About all I can think of is to print the document to paper, then scan the
    paper, then save it from the scanner software as a jpg file.

    Probably less convenient that you would like.

    OTOH, Google found this:

    So you could print to a PDF file with a utility such as CutePDF (there are
    a few others), then convert the PDF with the above software.

    I know nothing about the software - I just found it by Googling for "print
    document as jpg".

    You could Google for yourself and see if anything shows up that pleases
    Gene E. Bloch, Apr 29, 2010
  14. Bob O'Dyne

    Trev Guest

    Or Office Document imaging which saves as mdi (Microsoft's version of PDF)
    or Tiff
    Trev, Apr 29, 2010
  15. Bob O'Dyne

    Tom C Guest

    I agree, Faststone is a very useful and powerful tool. I started using it
    when I started running into problems with Viewprint Pro. I'm glad I
    switched. On the other hand, Windows Snipping tool will do just about the
    same thing as you want, which is capturing screen images, but if you are
    talking about saving a document file or some such thing, what you are
    looking for is a print to file option. I don't have enough information on
    that. Try searching on Google for "Print to file" without the quotes. I
    found a lot of useful information on Google, but you will have to weed out
    the garbage.

    Hope this helps, even a little.
    Tom C, May 1, 2010
  16. Bob O'Dyne

    TOM Guest

    Before going to Office Home and Student 2007, I used CutePDF:

    The only caveat is that you also need to install free G{: Ghpostscript:

    It installs as a printer so all you have to do is choose it as the
    printer and it will save the file as a .pdf.

    Office 2007 has the capability built in. It may be in earlier versions
    as well, but I don't know about that...
    TOM, May 1, 2010
  17. Bob O'Dyne

    SC Tom Guest

    I agree with David Arnstein's post- PDF Creator works well and has many
    output formats to choose from. It also works very well with Windows 7- I
    have installed and use it quite often with good results.
    SC Tom, May 2, 2010
  18. Bob O'Dyne

    Bob Bertrand

    May 10, 2014
    Likes Received:
    I often wonder if some of the people on the Internet suffer from V.D. or A.D.D. The guy asks how to create a JPG and many of you write about how he can create a PDF. Assuming English is your first language, perhaps you people can THINK before you REPLY. Google THINK to find out what that word means.
    Bob Bertrand, Nov 12, 2014
  19. Bob O'Dyne

    Ankit Nagpal

    Jul 30, 2016
    Likes Received:
    One free Windows compatible utility is pdf-to-jpg-convert.en.softonic
    Ankit Nagpal, Jul 30, 2016
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