Portable Devices Enumerator Service question



This is still working on my same problem of not being able to get
portable devices such as the Canon camera or the card reader to
connect to my Win7-Pro computer anymore....

I've found that if I turn off the Portable Devices Enumerator service,
then device manager shows no portable devices, either with or without
the yellow exclamation point. Plugging in the camera at this point
results in nothing - no disk activity, no devices found. Scan for new
hardware does not find anything either.

The name of this service, "enumerator," makes me think that possibly
it references a list of possible devices and their connection details
somewhere, and that this list may be damaged or gone.

What I could find on the subject with Google is that the service uses
WPDShServiceObj.dll. This file does exist on my system with 2010 last
modified/ installed dates. Probably OK.

The dll references 5 other dll's. These also have dates for the day I
installed Win7 or earlier, and so are probably also OK.

On the web I found a batch file which says it will "Restore Default
Startup Type for Portable Device Enumerator Service." The file
contents are:

@echo off
sc config WPDBusEnum start= demand

This sounds to me like it simply sets the service startup to "manual,"
which is it's current setting.

One note: I had it set to "automatic," but when I checked services, it
was not running. I suspect it stops if not needed.

Any thoughts?

-dan z-

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