My Stupidity... PowerISO destroyed my portable HDD. HELP !

Feb 7, 2015
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It is completely my stupidity I know... But I need help so badly.

I was trying to create a bootable USB Drive for Windows 7 Pro. I had two portable HDDs and one USB drive attached to my laptop and getting ready to create a bootable USB.

Using PowerISO I followed this : Tools > Create Bootable USB Drive

Then located Win7 ISO file and clicked "start" button in a hurry without looking at the section it shows which USB device will be used for bootable drive. It was my 1 TB Toshiba portable drive with full of crazy amount of files, personal stuff and most importantly my wedding pictures and videos. But it was too late because stupid me didnt bother to check which one will be destroyed and just hit continue.

After realizing I made a huge mistake I pulled both HDDs (at that point I didnt know which one was damaged) and when I plugged it back it was showing files and folders with gibberish characters. HDD showed it was empty 0KB and I have no idea if there is a way to bring my files back.

I am willing to spend $1000 to buy a software to recover my files but I don't know if such a software is exist.

Can you guys please help me to understand what kind of chance I have ?

Thank you in advance...


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May 10, 2010
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The only software I ever used to recover files from a harddrive was Stellar Phoenix and that was years ago. The reason I even considered that product is because it was the only one willing to actually list the files it intended to recover BEFORE I paid. If their software still works that way then you might try it and if it looks like it can help then you judge if it is worth the cost

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