Playing cards flashing in Microsoft games- Update


SC Tom

Well, the problem returned, but with the background I already had in
troubleshooting it, I have it narrowed down to one of two things, or
possibly both.

After more research, I found that the Windows 7 MS Games (and possibly
Vista) are pretty much Xbox360 games ported to PC. So when the problem
returned, I figured it is either the 360 controller I have plugged into the
hub (since that's the only thing left plugged into it), or the hub itself.
If I start Solitaire with the controller plugged in, the cards start to
cycle again. But, if I move any of the controls on the controller, the
cycling changes. If I unplug the controller, the game is as should be,
without even having to restart it. If I plug the controller back in, the
cycling starts again.

I have two other controllers that I tested, and the problem doesn't occur
with them, just with the one of them. They are all MS controllers with the
same part and revision numbers on the case. If I get ambitious enough, I'll
take the bad one apart and one of the good ones and compare PCB numbers and
see if there's a difference. I may pick up another hub to test with also.
They aren't that expensive for an AC powered one, and this one's pretty old.

I wish I could find the link again where I read about the games being ported
games. It makes sense, though; I can play them with my controller or mouse,
and even (with a lot more difficulty) with the keyboard.

Just thought you might find this new development interesting. Now that I
knew what to look for, I did <wink, wink, thumb up>.

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