Occasionly I still get caught out.


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Mar 17, 2010
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I could not open a particular file and clicked on the box that the O/S pops up when it's stuck to search the web for a solution.
I got taken to a site marked as Microsoft approved with all the various symbols to say it was a recognised site etc, etc.

That was not the issue, I purchased a program from Pareto Logic and after making the purchase to get the unlock for the program found on my paypal receipt So after paying money that there was a line telling me 'your order includes enrolment in the automatic renewal service'. Which basically meant unless I told it otherwise it was going to bill my paypal account yearly to renew the licence for the program.

I don't mind buying the software but I mind big time that it sets itself up for automatic renewel and billing.

Just watch out for this.. I then had to go into my Paypal account and dick around to cancel the renewal service.




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