Networking Icon in System Tray: The Red "X"


Phil McCrackin

Just recently, the networking icon in the system tray has a red "X"
through it. Ordinarily, this would mean that there is a problem with
connectivity, right? However, I am having no problems with internet
connectivity either through my wired network or my wireless network. I
am running Charter broadband with a Linksys cable modem and Linksys
cable/DSL router. Attached to the router is a US Robotics wireless
access point. I have run all the "troubleshooting" routines in Windows
7 (that I know of) and nothing comes up as being problematic.
Like I said, there is no connectivity problem with either this desktop,
the desktop located in a lower level of the house that I have on the
wired network, and no problem with wireless connectivity to two Apple
iTouch units, or an Acer Aspire One net book.

Any guesses as to what could be wrong and what I can do to rid myself of
the "X"?




I sometimes notice this on my Acer netbook and HP notebook when the ethernet
connection is open/not in use, and they are using the Wireless connection.
In the past, a now defunct desktop P/C (MBD Failure, caps or regulator) had
two ethernet interfaces. Until I disabled one of the two, it would show the
one in use normally, and the not in use one with the red X.

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