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Jan 6, 2011
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On the upper right of the homepage, I saw my name displayed, as I was signed in with my Gmail's the weird part.

It had my name displayed the old way I typed it years ago, so I wanted to change that. When I changed my name under my Google Account no longer shows my name on the upper right. It displays my Gmail email address instead...why is that? Why did it stop showing my name on the upper right and decided to display my Gmail email address instead?

Another weird thing I should add is after I edited my name in my Google account...under "Accounts and Import" in settings, where it asks you what name you want your email to be sent as, it's still showing my OLD name as the name in my Google account...though I changed it...and a logged out, then back in to see if I could see the change, but it's not changing.

-Edit- Well how retarded. Now it's back to showing my old name on the upper right on Google pages. Apparently when you make an account on something years ago and the site goes through a lot of updates, you may get screwed in some way (i.e. in this case, it's not recognizing that I changed my name under account settings).
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Feb 13, 2009
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My foot's been bothering me lately. It's the ol' gout acting up. I really should stay away from meat and beer, but then what will I have for breakfast?

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