MSD GraphView 3.19

Mar 9, 2015
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MSD GraphView 3.19 is a program used in setting up an engine timing scheme when using MSD 6al-2 programmable ignition system. I have it on 3 computers, 2 of them are windows 7 x64 and the other one is Windows 8.1 x 64. It runs well on one of the w7 (laptop) and also the w8.1 (laptop) but is very slow on the desktop w7 x64. Both of the w7 machines have the same anti-virus and malwares bites programs. I have turned off the anti-virus and malware bites programs on the desktop, restarted, and it made no difference. The problem has been reported by a number of users to MSD but they are no help other than "it should work". lol

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