Microsoft Security Essentials stalls in full scan

Feb 7, 2010
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Can anyone help me with this. I have Microsoft Security Essentials installed on my Windows 7 PC. Until recently this has completed a full scan without any problems. Now it has begun stalling after roughly 45 minutes. I ran a full scan over the past two nights but with the same results. I can do a Quick Scan OK and I can do a Full Scan in Safe Mode, but not in Normal Mode. I have had Malwarebytes Premium installed for ages and it hasn't caused any conflict with MSE. However, recently I installed Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware (both free copies). I uninstalled Ad-Aware and that is when the problem started.

I have unistalled (with great difficulty) MSE and reinstalled it but to no avail. I would welcome any help and suggestions.

Many thanks


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