SOLVED Microsoft Excel 2002 Pastes Value Not Formula

Dec 18, 2013
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When I copy and paste from one cell to another, the value gets pasted instead of the formula. {control}{c} / {control} {v} and Edit > Copy/Paste both do this.
Edit > Paste Special > Formulas does work around this problem.
I've uninstalled Skype click-to-call & Skype and re-booted. Still no joy.
I do use Google Voice but don't think I have any Google Voice click-to-call capability installed.
I don't see any Google Voice or Skype plug-in or extension listed in Firefox.
I don't see any Google Voice or Skype click-to-call capability listed for Google Chrome.
Yes. This did use to work.
Excel version (10.6871.6870) SP3
Windows 7 Home Premium version 6.1 (build 7601: Service Pack 1)

My most recently installed programs were:
Adobe Flash Player 15 Plugin
BBC iPlayer Downloads
Compatibility Pack for the 2007 Office system
Search Protection
Java 7 Update 71
Mozilla Firefox 33.0
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010
Microsoft Visual C++ 2012
Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Extension Manager CC
Microsoft OneDrive
VLC media player
Adobe Reader XI
NVIDIA Update 10.4.0 (and 2 other NVIDIA Updates)
Microsoft Security Essentials

I just tested copy / paste on a new spreadsheet. It works fine.
How do I repair the problem worksheet?

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Dec 18, 2013
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In my case, it was a merged cells problem. I was copying from a regular row with no merged cells into a row that had some merged cells. Excel just threw up its hands and pasted the values, instead of what my eyes told me it should have done. I un-merged the cells in the destination row and now paste works just fine.

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