MFC70.DLL is missing from computer!

Sep 6, 2013
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Every time I start the computers, I keep getting an error message stating; MFC70.DLL is missing from computer. What can I do to rectify it. Can any one help please. Thank you
Jan 2, 2011
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Quite a few things things could cause this error..

Everything from Uninstalling a program or a driver to a possible malware/virus infection..

I'm sure other will chime in here with links and such to help with (if it is the case) malware/virus removal.

I would suggest a couple things.

>Check you recycle bin for the file .. sometimes it ends up in there.. and then restore it from there.

> Go the most recent system restore point BEFORE this issue seemed to happen( If you remember).

> depending on the "error message" it MAY show what program needs that file to run. IF it does .. you can try reinstalling that program.
*** Edited to add***

> Check you drivers .. whether you have changed any hardware or not .. make sure ALL of your drivers are up to date.

Those are just SOME ways to find a resolution to your problem.

Good Luck.
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