Media player+mp3s+DriectX ... or Hard Ware?

Jun 30, 2013
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Hi all.

Id like to think of my self as a person who knows enough to need too much help with my Pc
I can usually sort out any issues with a Google and existing
Post on forum here and there , BUT .. this time I am totally stumped....

I use media player 12 for my listening pleasure... and movie watching...
I have vlc installed... and I do use it as well but only movies... I find its better for watching big rips... like blue ray movies.

any ways, about a month back my Media player went nuts, freezing on start up of mp3s or movies,,,
then after a cancelling it (end Process) id be woken in the middle of the night with that song starting randomly on my pc.
So after a hell of a lot of searching and removing re-installing Media player ... patching and trying all sorts of stuff found on forums (including a roll back and system restore).... I decided to do a full re-install...
buy this time my entire PC had degraded.... almost anything I did caused a short freez or a complete freez...... Yes I did run virus scans and Malware scans too... alot.

So I gout out an old 80gig and did a clean install, as not to lose any info in my important stuff
(this is temp solution , I bought a solid state drv for my windows install +waiting for it to arrive still)

The clean install has worked amazingly... for a bout 2weeks... now the same things have started.... After a Windows update no less.

But tis is where my issue comes in

I installed win amp... and it does the same... it told me at install that there is a problem with my DIRECTX installation.... so I fixed that ... but.... still crashes.... but now ... It will play the first song selected after a restart... and freez... while still playing that song.
media player just dies...

BUT VLC..... perfect not a single issue.....

It cant he a mother board problem can it??
drivers for my sound card??
or even my video card? .. (but i am using the MB sound ... not the hdmi)
If it was hard ware... the issue should be evident from the start (of the clean install)

sorry for the essay, I just want to get all the points out there.

any help would be fantastic. :eek:

Im running a
AMD 6core
8 gigs of ram
500 gig for OS (win 7)
2TB for stuff
2TB for more Stuff
Radeon 6800. or suthing
so i dont think its lack of resources (have lager page file space still)


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