HP Multi-media Keyboard Key Mapping

Jan 26, 2016
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I have an HP z556 Home Theater PC running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. I has a factory wireless keyboard Model 9129URF. The PC doesn't have 64-bit drivers but I was informed of a generic multi-media keyboard driver, if you search for sp44447 you would find it.

Now all of the multimedia buttons work except for the Windows Media Center button. There is an on-screen-display for each of the buttons and it even says "MediaCenter" but never opens it.

The HP driver that I installed, added a tab to the Keyboard settings in the control panel called "buttons". In this tab I can map the buttons to open different programs but the WMC button is not an option.

I've tried different key mapping programs but none of them recognize the multimedia buttons.

I have been looking for a place were the buttons are associated but haven't had any luck. I feel like there has to be a place to modify the associations but it is seeming less and less like there is.

I've also tried making a protocol to open Media Center but that hasn't worked either.

What are somethings that I can try?

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