Manually mapping a drobo as a network drive

Jan 10, 2020
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Morning all,

Long time browser, this forum has helped me loads over the past. Hopefully someone can help me with my problem.

I have a Drobo B800fs (network attached storage device) which has worked perfectly for a number of years. A couple of days ago I deleted circa 50% of the information from it and now it has gotten annoyed and won't mount.

I have contacted Drobo support and they have advised that I can map the drive manually within Windows Explorer, this is where I get stuck.

I am not sure of the syntax which I type to map the drive. I know that it is connected to my network on the ip address but I am unsure of what "/", the server name etc.. to type? It also has a user name and password enabled (which I obviously know) so I guess I need to type that in somewhere also.

If anybody can help I will be eternally grateful.


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