Problem with NAS and mapping drive letters

Jun 4, 2017
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Normally I make Vol_1 on my Dlink NAS (DNS-323) mapped to drive J: on my ASUS X99 machiine. This works fine and I have lots of links built into my spreadsheets, word documents, etc that all reference J as vol_1 in many links.

Every since I built this machine with Win 7 Pro 64bit, it has a nasty habit of creating a second mapped drive to this same Vol_1 location and using drive letter "Z". Then the light sits there on the DNS-323 and never stops blinking. I try to disconnect the second mapped drive "Z" but it re-installs itself again any time I open a jpg file in Windows Photo Viewer (set as default for jpg, png, and tif) THE NEW MAPPED DRIVE "Z" APPEARS AND THE NAS LIGHTS BLINK FOREVER WITH DRIVE ACTIVITY.

Opening other files that are stored on NAS drive "J" do not appear to have this affect as far as a I tested.

Does anyone know how to configure the Windows Photo Viewer? Or is this perhaps a network setup issue somewhere else and if so, why is it only affecting photos.
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