SOLVED LOST!! MysticThumbs psd thumb viewer FREE version

Elmer BeFuddled

Resident eejit
Jun 12, 2010
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After my recent re-install of Win7 I came to install MysticThumbs only to find, well, not find actually!! I've lost it!!

Every recovery type of software in the known universe has been "demo-tested" to death to locate the file to no avail.
I've even (desperately) looked under the keyboard and mouse mat, but it is nowhere to be seen :(.

Now, I know you can d'load the new (after v2.0) 30 day trial/pay version, but I preferred the simplicity of the older version, plus, it was FREE!

So, I'm cheekily asking:**

If anyone could let me have a copy of their MysticThumbs v1.98 (or was it v1.97?) compatible with Win7 64bit, I would be eternally grateful and will have your children :eek::eek::eek:.

** If this is contrary to Forum Rules I apologise profusely (well, a lot anyway!!). Please delete.





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