SOLVED Lost backup of my files

Feb 2, 2012
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I had 2 hard drive's, one in the PC "D" drive & one external "G" Drive, The D failed & I went to delete the G backup folder on the Desktop and part way thru I realized I was probably deleting my G Drive copy of all my files, I don’t keep docs, pictures or anything related to this sort of thing in my C drive, it only has my OSP and programs I have loaded. Some of the files being deleted were to large so Win 7 asked to dump them so I don’t see the File in the recycle bin So that is where I'm at. I had made a backup of my C drive and my "D" drive thru windows into the G drive so I had 2 copies of all files including pictures. So I tried to reload from the G. It did load some of the files from the G drive but some files came back empty.

First I want to try to get the pictures back as many as I can, When it reloaded the pictures it didn’t load them in the files they were in, it just loaded them as individual pictures, so I stopped them. Now I think I have lost that backup copy on the G drive.

One question is when you save to a drive like that doesn’t it load with the files intact & if so why didn’t it load it back that way it was saved. When I was in the G drive and I had 2 copies of what was on the D drive, I had the Win 7 program do a copy of both the C & D drives & one copy of D I did manually. I tried to restore all files from the Win 7 backup. Now I could see all my files including my pictures but could only use select. I couldn’t open to look at the or cut & paste since this was a file Win Backup created., When I restored them the My Pictures file was loaded but it was empty. I did it another way & it started to load the pictures and it was loading them to a desktop folder but individually not in the files I had put them when I had saved them. Now I did connect the D drive and it started up OK & I could see all files I had backed up to the original D drive but It didn’t run very long before I just froze up. Some one at a computer store told me I might try restoring the files. I wouldn’t think the external G drive would let me do that. Would a PC repair shop be able to bet the pictures off the D drive that has failed since it did boot up the other day, its now disconnected.

My plea of brain dead is not working. A lot of the pictures are of my Great Grandson but the copies I have now stop when he about age 6, he is 9 now so if I don't find them I may be cooking for myself. Any help or ideas would be most appreciated.

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