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Aug 14, 2012
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NO. You cannot re install Windows without disks. Unless you can manage to run the setup files via virtual machines.

But then you would hit a wall and not be able to run the software anyways.

Best bet, either do a System Restore as far back as you possibly can, or buy a new version of Windows, or find a friend with a copy of the setup files.

Please note your serial number of your current Windows License, as you will need it.


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May 10, 2010
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Some computer manufacturers have a hidden partition on the hard drive which allow you to reset the computer to factory settings but I'm not aware of any way you can add this feature to your own computer if it didn't ship with it already.

It is also possible to use a USB flash drive containing a bootable W7 Install rather than a DVD to install. Or if you simply lost or never had a physical DVD but you have a legal license key and the ability to burn DVDs then you can always create the W7 Installation DVD. Links to the W7 Installation ISO and instructions on how to burn it to DVD or put it on a flash drive can be found in the thread HERE.

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