Is there any point in keeping recovery partition after upgrade?

Jun 7, 2012
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I have an HP Pavillion Slimline, which started with Vista. HP provided me with a kit to upgrade to Windows 7. The kit didn't function completely, but I did end up with a functioning version of Windows 7.

This is a dual boot system and I need the space that the recovery partition occupies. I don't think the recovery partition functions anymore, but even if it did, I would have to first reinstall Vista and then reupgrade to Windows 7 to reinstall Windows 7. That hardly seems worth the effort. It would seem to be easier to get a Windows 7 installation disk if I needed to reinstall Windows 7 and I couldn't do it with the Windows 7 disk I have, or, it might just be easier to replace the machine altogether.

Does anyone have any suggestions to make in this connection?



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May 10, 2010
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Deleting your recovery partition, especially if it is not working, is fine if that's what you want to do but you may have some trouble merging it with the OS partition. Most likely the recovery partition is first on the drive (will show up on the "left" in disk management) and the standard windows utility only allows you to merge a partition to the "right". There are products that will allow you to delete it, move the OS "left", and then extend it to use the extra but they aren't included in Microsoft W7. If you do plan to use one of these tools, be sure you have a Windows Boot disk because they often damage the boot partition so that may need fixed once the move is finished.

As for a reinstall, if you wanted/needed to, you should be able to reinstall W7 from the disk you have, though you might have to install it twice after you format the HD. Or you can download the standard version from Digital River and burn a copy ... see HERE. Read these warnings notes: The copy you have may have extra programs (trial software, HP specific drivers, DVD software, etc) that the official Digital river version will not have; if you need that stuff you will have to get it off your current DVD or from HP. Also, when you upgraded, software that was pre-installed on your computer was carried over; if you format, that software will be gone and if it is not on your current DVD you will need to get it from HP, if possible, or replace it.

One more thing I will throw out there to help, in case you ever do decide to reformat and do a complete install, Windows includes software called "Windows Easy Transfer" which is very good at backing up all your userids/settings/data, if it is properly stored in the libraries (use advanced to bring over any data NOT stored in your libraries). You back-up your info to DVDs or an external drive and then after the fresh install you run windows easy transfer again, this time to restore the userid info and data. You still have to reinstall all your programs from DVDs though (see notes above regarding pre-installed software and HP supplied software).

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