HP Pavilion G7-1150, webcam not found in device manager

Feb 12, 2015
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For several months now I've been experiencing intermittent issues with my onboard webcam that has left me baffled. The problems started after a windows update - for years my webcam worked fine, then suddenly it was gone and there was no webcam listed under Imaging Devices in the device manager.

I have tried so many different solutions offered on various boards, and Microsoft's site itself but nothing seems to work permanently.

So far I have:

Re-installed YouCam software/drivers - multiple times.

Tried 3rd party cam drivers to no avail.

Done multiple hard resets (all peripherals unplugged, battery removed, power off, press power button for 30 seconds, plug back in.) Webcam 101 will show up under Imaging Devices and work *once* but if the cam program (Youcam, Skype, Yahoo messenger) is closed and opened again, or the computer is restarted, the webcam is no longer detected and disappears from device manager.

I've tried uninstalling and re-installing the cam when it *has* appeared in Device Manager, but after a reboot, its always gone.

I've tried setting a restore point when finally reaching a point where the cam works, but if I shut down the computer and restart, it disappears from the device manager again and restoring it back to the point where it worked does not bring it back.

I'm just baffled - it WORKS, it just won't *stay working*. - doing the hard reset *sometimes* gets it back, other times it takes 2-3 tries, then it will work with Youcam/Skype/etc but disappear as soon as the camming program or computer is restarted.

Any insight is greatly appreciated. I hate the thought of having to go buy a webcam when I have one that *works*!

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