How to select 1 of 2 win 7 installs on same computer

Mar 17, 2023
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Hello all,
I have an older computer with a SATA drive and an old PATA drive. Each drive has a Windows 7 system on it. When I boot up the machine, it defaults to loading the system on the PATA drive and not the one on the SATA drive because the PATA system is a newer installation.

I do not want the PATA drive system loaded at boot. I want the computer to default to loading the Win 7 system on the SATA drive.

How can I change the machine to boot from the SATA drive and not the PATA?

The machine is old and the BIOS is old. There is no option in the BIOS to change boot drives. The only option is to set the “Hard Drive” to boot after the CD does. It does not differentiate between SATA and PATA.

I have tried numerous boot discs with no luck. Windows 7 does not have this option either.

Can someone please help.

Thank you.

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