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May 27, 2017
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In the hope of upgrading Win7 Ultimate to Win10, I downloaded a Windows.ISO to mount with Win.ISO so that I could access the SetUp file in the WINDOWS.ISO. I do not remember being offered an option of WHERE to mount the ISO, and in the event it was put on (virtual drive ?) E:\ I clicked the SetUp.exe and was told that the destination was too small - well, I did not want it installed on E:\ anyway - I wanted it on C:\
The next time I tried, nowhere in File Manager or Disk Manager could I find the E:\ - so I had no chance to copy the ISO content to C:\ where there would be enough room for an install.
I would appreciate advice to salvage THIS situation, as distinct from advice to do the upgrade in a different way.


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May 10, 2010
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I believe you are confusing two different things. An ISO is a file containing many files & folders within it; it is basically an entire DVD stored as a single file. You cannot "mount" the ISO file to an active drive, but you can save it there as an ISO file. To use it though, you create a virtual drive which acts like a DVD drive would and when you "mount" the ISO image it is like you put a DVD in the drive. You then run the files from that virtual DVD.

But even then when you are talking about using the mounted drive to install on the C: Drive that would not work if the ISO file is maintained on that C: drive.

You should really take the ISO and use the Microsoft DVD/ISO tool to expand it to a 4GB flash drive (note the flash drive will be formatted first so it should be blank).

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