Help with permissions in windows 7 home

Oct 6, 2015
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Hello all, First off I'd like to thank anyone who helps me with this in advance.

I recently built a dedicated server system for my home to serve movie files, music, pics, things of that nature and we have a few kids in the household who like to click without thinking and delete things and I'm scared my stored files are going to be deleted accidently by one of the kids if I don't restrict their access. I am computer savvy and have knowledge of drive permissions to a point but I cannot get the server to allow unlimited access to me but restricted access to the kids. The server is running windows 7 Home Premium X64.

Here's what I've tried to no avail.
1. created local user accounts on the server for everyone in the family.
2. shared the drives, I removed "everyone" from both the security tab and the sharing tab. added the specific users to both the security tab and the sharing tab and set the permissions according to whether I want read or read/write access. I also left SYSTEM and administrators intact in both tabs.
3. went to the client computers and created accounts that mimmick both the user names and passwords of the accounts on the server.
When I try to access the drives from the client computers I get "Windows cannot access \\server\X you don't have permission to access \\server\X If I go into the drive properties and Re add "Everyone" then it allows me in but with all read/write access. From what I've read this should work, what am I missing? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!!

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