Help with multiboot, XP won't boot

Jul 9, 2009
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Have you ever been in a situation where you desperately need help? Well, I'm in that position currently. This is a time-essential matter and I am appreciative to ANY help/tips/ideas that you have. I seriously need some ****ing help here.

Alright, I have two hard drives. C, and Y.

C is the primary hard drive from which I boot Windows XP from, and Y is where all of my other operating systems will be. I had only XP installed, and I decided I wanted to use Windows 7 as well as other operating systems such as Fedora. I first installed Windows 7, and for whatever reason it didn't recognize XP, so it would only boot to 7. I tried and tried to get 7 to recognize XP on boot, but it simply wouldn't. I figured installing Fedora might help, but it didn't. I also tried using EasyBCD to get XP to function, but alas - it won't help.

If I remove hard drive Y, and try to boot to XP it says NTLDR is missing. I've tried ****ing everything to get XP to work. I used a boot cd, I tried XP's install disc (whenever I try to copy the ntldr files it won't let me write to the hard drive, it says Access is Denied.) and I cannot install Windows XP all over again. That would truly be a disastrous solution.

What I want to know is
1. How can I get XP to boot again?
2. How can I get Windows 7 to recognize XP when I install it?
3. After Windows 7 and XP are working harmoniously, how can I get other operating systems like Fedora to work?

Please, I beg of you - help! I will be eternally appreciative.

Thanks for your time.


May 18, 2009
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Hi & welcome.

Another user here had a similar issue as you, just today.

THIS is the thread, maybe it will help.

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