HELP! APU Integrated Graphics card issues!

Mar 10, 2014
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Does anyone know what would cause my Toshiba Laptop's AMD Radeon HD 7660G APU integrated graphics card to show up as a Code 43 error, while the other component, which should be identical, is showing up as "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter", and is registering as a Code 10 error. I've tried uninstalling them, as well as the drivers, and reinstalling them, but it still isn't fixed. I've tried getting the drivers from the toshiba site, Amd site, i've tried everything that I could find through googling my problem, except for dabbling in the registry.

My warranty expired in october, and I don't have the money to send it out. I also don't wish to reformat the pc unless absolutely necessary because my only source of a working windows 7 product key is through piracy, and While I know what I'm doing there, I'd rather have a genuine copy.

Can anyone help me out? It's been a few weeks, and my task bar looks so ugly, all non transparent and stuff.. lol

This is what my errors look like.. Ignore the Fixed driver problem.. it fixed absolutely nothing..
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