HDD goes berserk - randomly

Nov 29, 2017
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Hello all. Of late, my computer hard drive will just randomly start 'doing something' as the hdd light will stay lit and the computer in essence just locks up. I can try ctrl-alt-del and all it does is beep. Clicking anywhere on the desktop does the same thing. If in the middle of transferring a file it will just stop and when the drive light finally goes out, the transfer will continue and then finish. I tried running a malware and antivirus check and nothing came up. I am running a Samsung SSD as the primary system drive and a WD Ultrastar Gold SATA drive for data and other duties. I haven't added anything nor changed equipment except the WD drive. The symptoms didn't appear immediately after changing the drive but I guess it could still be the culprit. Can't do the ctrl-alt-del and go to resource monitor as stated the system is locked and when it unlocks the data is changed. Totally random when and for how long. Can do it for 15 seconds up to 60 seconds. Can do it while in a web browser or just accessing a drive and checking some files. REALLY GETTING TO BE A PAIN when in the middle of a task and it happens. I just sit and wait until IT decides I can continue. ANYONE have any ideas of what it could be or where to look. THANKS...

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