Nov 10, 2014
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Hello everyone!
I want to ask you if you know about this virus which hooks inside hdd's sectors.
I don't know how but everytime i install fresh windows it works for a little time (invisibly taking my Local system drive space around 7-8 GB taken by invisible virus and if I create other partitions it takes space from them also ...) and suddenly shows very fast BSOD and computer restarts and doesn't boot again if i do not unplug and plug back ram memory kits, also i suspect that the bios gets also infected because shows the mark which selects options like enabled/disabled etc. around the screen.
So i flashed it many times but everytime i plug the hard disk it starts again with plugging and unplugging ram kits(because otherwise the bios doesn't start, computer...) and infection of Bios i think.
Surprisingly works fine in safe mode....
I've also made a Darik's Boot And Nuke DOS short(2 hours) deletion but still the same and now i am using it in safe mode..
I've got infected with the virus from an old ATA hard drive which i plugged in my computer to check if there was something wrong with the drive. My computer freezed and i was forced to reboot and then 3 errors happened :
Bank Interleave Requested but not enabled.
DQS training failed on previous boot.
And some other error i think about ram again i don't remember.

Please if someone encountered similar problems tell me how can i fix my computer....


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May 10, 2010
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It's highly unlikely your RAM or BIOS is being infected. And it is perfectly natural to have files build up and take space; temporary files, cookies, deleted files that aren't really deleted yet, etc. all add up.

It's sounds much more likely that you have a hardware issue. Are your RAM boards securely locked in place? When the computer heats up the parts inside expand & contract a bit and it is possible your RAM is losing contact or even popping out of the slot a bit.

And if you get glitches on the screen that could be the video or the cable.

These issues could mean a problem with the motherboard or that your computer is just too hot. If this is a desktop computer leave the side off for a while and see if that helps. If the RAM has clips then make sure the ends are locked in. And make sure your video cable is secure or even try a different cable.

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