SOLVED HD Partitions

Feb 2, 2012
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I have removed all data & formatted all disc's, so the 1 TB that is D, also has an F, unallocated space & P All are clean. How do I move the unallocated space, F & P into the one disc "D".

One note when looking at Disk Management I see what it shows below. In the row of

Disc 1, I see the "D" 100mb, "F" 300 GB, Unallocated 338.44, & "P" 292.97GB.


Disc O System Reserved (C

Basic 100MB NFTS 223.47 GB NFTS

223.57 GB Healthy (System, Health (Boot, Page File, Crash

Active, Primary Partition) Dump, Primary Partition)

Disc 1 D Local Disk F 338.44 GB Local Disk P

Basic 100 MB NFTS 300 GB NFTS Unallocated 292.97 GB NFTS

Online Active Healthy (Logical Drive) Healthy Healthy Partition


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