Extremely high memory usage

Mar 15, 2013
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I'm not sure what's going on with my system. Memory usage keeps growing to the point that even with 8GB of physical memory, the system is bogging down. I've gone through services and processes and the registry disabling and/or setting things to manual start but it's not helping.

When I just rebooted the system, with nothing running, the memory climbed up to 1.5GB. Right now, I've got Firefox running and nothing else actively running. I do have a couple of sync and other background processes running and am using 1.84GB of physical memory right now.

I added up all the processes showing in Task Manager and came up with about 500MB of memory used (showing processes from all users).

I'm not getting any crashes or BSODs, but when the memory usage gets over 2GB, it slows waaay down. It's usable, but wow, very unpleasant.

I've attached my hijackthis log if anyone wants to have a crack at it.

Thank you!




Nov 4, 2013
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Try these techniques:

Click Start, type Services.msc in sear bar. Press Enter.
Rght click un-necessary service and click stop


Click Start - type %temp% in search bar, Press Enter
When Temp folder is opened, delete everything - if few files resists being deleted, leave them its normal.

Uninstall unnecessary Programs

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