External drive stopped working

Mar 9, 2015
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Hi Everyone.

I just thought you might be able to help me.Today my external hard drive stops working suddenly. I can hear the sound of connecting something through the USB. And the tool come with the hard drive loaded after I reconnect my hard drive. However, I cannot find the external hard drive in "My Computer" as well as "Disk Management". And the driver Manager could not recognize my hard drive either.
Mar 8, 2009
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  1. Try a different cable
  2. Use a different USB port
  3. See if the drive works on a different computer
At this point you either know the drive still works. Or you don't know if the USB controller or drive bad. If the drive still does not work, you may need to pull it out of the enclosure to test further. I'm leaning toward the USB controller seeing as the drive is not detected. But it could be either one.
  1. The drive could then be installed in a PC for further analysis
  2. A new enclosure can be purchased (an option if you know the drive is still good)
  3. There are USB to SATA cables (an option if you need to test/use drives without installing them in a PC/enclosure)

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