Bit locker encryption locked the External Drive

Nov 6, 2017
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I am really worried about the bit locker encryption, when I start the encryption I didn't have any requirement to do the encryption. I just saw the encryption word and push the start button. Actually it was a very foolish action I have ever made.
Because I didn't know about the encryption and didn't know the bit locker encryption as well.
The encryption was not happened completely and I removed the drive after 30 seconds.Now I cnt access the data most of the photos of my children and other excel files.

My laptop OS windows enterprise( Service pack 1 )System type 32-bit Operating System
I tried to use recovery key the massage was "error recovering G:The recovery key you typed is not correct. Type it again"

I was trying to use this key for several times.

Finally I used the command prompt- by googling

Status 1.GIF Resuls.GIF

  1. I did not start the bit locker recovery tool option
  2. since i do not have much knowledge about the command prompt and technical knowledge , is it better to get 3rd party support on this for repairing bit locker recovery tool option available in Windows
  3. Multiple attempts on recovery key dangerous ? will it be harm to the data in Drive?
  4. is it possible to recover the data from any option available.?- I didn't have any backups
  5. If the bitlockoer recovery tool success , the files I stored in the drive appears as same order ( as I saved)
  6. do you know any agents in Sri Lanka to support this issue?
  7. Some you tube video says , stay calm and upgrade it to latest Windows version and try it again. Will it success?
If you guys can help on this really appreciate....
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Jan 2, 2018
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Bitlocker is doing exactly as it should crazy as that sounds, yep its a pain

recovery is a day recovery key not static, so create a new recovery key its about 40 numbers as you know, and its should open or give temp access to the drive ready for an original key or recover again and you can reset the key number then

Now that all depends on how it was done ie save to txt file (one-shot wonder state, you can still recover from the company's servers speak to IT)
Of from server system

Its all about legal and controlled access - otherwise its doing its job and being difficult

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