Dual Boot, Win 7 and Xp

Nov 20, 2009
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Hi, newbie, sorry if not visted the HI thread.

Runnin Win 7, but need to create a dual boot with XP so i can use my wifi laser printer which is using a print server and at moment not Win 7 friendly,

Shrunk the volume, got the space, tryin to install XP from boot from CD, it copies files, but when it gets to the installing stage, i get a windows error message and all stops...

I had this prob when i tried to re install XP on to Vista as in a clean install, it loaded the files then got a windows error and it stopped,

Did a clean install with Win 7 no issues, but i need to install XP on the partition i have created and it wont let me, what i doint wrong.......ta
Mar 8, 2009
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Hi pjfurry - Welcome to w7forums

The first mistake, you should have installed XP first and then the newer operating system. Windows 7 is programed to handle XP and setup a dual boot menu. Windows XP will only screw up Windows 7 boot files.

What you may need to do is download, install, and use EasyBCD to remove the Vista Bootloader. This feature is used for returning to Windows XP. Install XP to the second drive. Once you have XP installed you can then use Windows 7 install media to repair Windows 7 boot files.

If you do not have a Windows 7 install disk. You can download the Windows 7 Recovery Disk. These disk will not install Windows 7 but will repair many things that maybe wrong.

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