dual installation win 7 & win XP went wrong - computer doesn't boot....

Oct 16, 2016
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I screwed up the computer and this is how I did it:

1- Installed win 7 with all programs I needed

2- installed win XP on a separate partition in hopes to install other programs and "make computer faster". Installed with option to keep existing setting (both partitions were NTSF).l ater I thought that I should have chosen "format (quick)". but.. that was later...

3- computer booted in XP only and i couldn't access another separate HHD (as a file storage).no boot in Win 7.

4 - panicked and cursed for a while.

5- using BCD boot loader editor I saw "windows 7" on a list and added "windows XP" to this list.

6- I didn't pray..

7- restarted and computer and saw this - I said something like a missing/corrupted BOOT.INI file and It did not boot at all. It kept restarting endlessly.

8- I inserted either win xp or win 7 installation disk into cd drive in order to re-install them - no luck at all. I unplugged C drive, plugged a new (fresh) one, now I see "reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot drive and press a key"

9- I should have prayed in step #6

9a.- I cleared motherboard "settings"with a jumper on it (asus - 3 prong jumper) - no change in computer's behavior.

10- obviously, I need your help, guys, in order to revive my computer.

Please help.

mb - Asus M3A7B-T

CPU - AMD Phenom 4 940

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