Domain permission issues after Excel registry hack

Apr 20, 2012
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So I made a mistake with a coworker's registry when she requested that I make her Excel open in two windows instead of tabs into her second monitor. I modified her registry without backing it up first. I've learned to always back up so I can worry less. I should have just told her to live with opening multiple windows by right clicking the taskbar icon.
I'm worried that I mistyped the registry mod I found here:

The IT dept. recently moved everyone at a new office to a subdomain, and her computer was the only one that had issues with admin access. I can't edit her network connection, since it doesn't prompt for admin credentials and instead says something like "You have insufficient privileges to configure network properties. Please contact your administrator." I have to log out of her username and log in as admin to be able to configure anything.
I reverted her Excel to the original registry by repairing her Office installation. But then she was wondering "what happened to my excel??" so I again applied the mod linked above.

Her Deltek accounting software now gives a Runtime 52 error upon exit, but none of her other programs do. There are also slowdowns in her Deltek.

According to her, this never happened before I reverted her Excel registry to its original state, only after. I contacted Deltek and they told me to modify the permission for the parent Deltek folder, which I'll try later.

Anyways I'm just hoping my mistake hasn't corrupted her Deltek, since it's for accounting purposes. Any help very much appreciated!



Mar 1, 2012
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I don't know what Deltek is, but you can compare the registry and permission to a know god machine.
Or on the problem machine run Process Monitor. It will show if an application is trying to access a file or registry entry an getting denied. You will need to apply filters, because there is a lot of stuff going on in windows.

You will need to be admin on the machine in order to run that Sysinternal utility.

Hope this helps.
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