Cant access another domain shared folder

Jul 12, 2011
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Hi to all

I hope you can help with this one, I have 100 Pc network all connected to domain: "Global", and we are connected through a firewall to another domain called: "Local", on domain "local" there is a server with a shared folder that the PC's from "Global" need to access, on PC's with windows XP and registered with the domain "Global" I can access with credentials from domain "Local" ie. Local\user1, and from PC's with Windows 7 but not on the domain I can access it as well with the same method and user, but when I register my Windows 7 PC to domain "Global" I cant seem to access the shared folder even when it worked before i registered it to domain "Global"...

Can anyone help me with this, I'll really appreciate it....

PS. btw theres no error codes or any error messages, the PC just asks me for the password again and again...

Best Regards...
Angel G. Romero


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