Does the Internet Society Own the Internet?

May 3, 2019
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I did a search here for "ISOC" and came up a blank, but if I erred in some way, please excuse my error.

I have been a member of the ISOC for 15 or so years and have been active the past 7 or 8 years with a gap of a year and a half or so while I had my first round of chemotherapy.

I suppose those that are interested in this Net business knows the start of ARPANET and all that. No reason to bore you with that.

And that would also include the origins of the ISOC.

But when they were able to sell that piece of the Net for a tad over a billion dollars I had something in my head go "What!".

But I suspect that even if we are wondering how they managed to pull that off, we Net Peons are not going to be able to change anything.

But maybe we can do something from here on about who actually controls the Net.

So let us state that maybe the ISOC does own the Internet.

Wouldn't it then be important to figure out who actually controls the ISOC?

It may seem like those fancy executive folks with all those fancy offices and staff to help them and all that have control, but that might not be completely true.

Of course, the administration/owner of this site might not want this discussion to be taking place, because of the power of the ISOC, but ...

Well, I don't know.

Am I going to be allowed to create this thread?

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